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+ Grad evening prayer and social -- Saturday
All new and returning grad students are invited to join us this Sat, Aug 23rd at the ATH Chapel at 8pm for evening prayer, followed by pizza! It'll be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other graduate students in prayer and community. Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu for more info.

+ Walk to Mass Groups
Don't walk to the 10:30am Mass alone! Walk with others from the Cornell Catholic Community this Sunday. Look for students in hunter green "Cornell Catholic" t-shirts at 10:10am on North Campus near the Balch Arch and on West Campus near the Baker Flagpole. If you're interested in participating in a walking group to the 9:30pm Mass email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu. 

+ Orientation Mass and Mingles -- Sunday
This weekend is our first full weekend of Masses with both our 10:30am and 9:30pm Masses returning to Sage Chapel on Sunday. Following both Masses we will have our famous "mingles" with food, community, and information about our semester programs and events. If you'd like to help set up and or clean up for these events please e-mail Joe at jem479@cornell.edu. 

+ Student Leadership Planning Day -- Monday
Are you interested in getting more involved in the Catholic Community? Consider participating in our student leadership planning day this upcoming Monday from 12-4pm in Anabel Taylor Hall. Email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu for more info and to rsvp for lunch. 

+ Spirit of Cornell Event -- Monday
Get your 2014 Cornell Catholic swag by swinging by our information table at the Spirit of Cornell event in the Balch Courtyard on Monday between 5-7pm. We'll be handing out freezie pops and will have our bags, stickers, and other promotional items. You can also grab dinner from nearby tables as well.
+ Mass and Pizza Party -- Wednesday
Join us this upcoming Wednesday for our first Wednesday night Mass and dinner combination! As always we have confessions from 4-5pm in G17 ATH, Mass at 5:15pm in the ATH Chapel, and our kick off pizza dinner at 5:45pm in the One World Cafe. Come join us in prayer, meet new people, and connect with old friends. Following our event at 7:30pm we'll have a planning meeting for our welcome back BBQ for those who are interested. Email Maise at mao85@cornell.edu for more info. 
+ Interest in becoming a liturgical minister? 
WE are looking for students who are interested in becoming liturgical ministers for the 2014-2015 academic year! Share your gifts and serve the community through becoming a lector, extraordinary minister of holy communion, hospitality minister, and/or sacristan. For more info and for training dates email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu. 

+ Get involved in the CCC music ministry!
Our new campus minister Anna O'Connell is excited to expand our music ministry. Email her for information on joining our Sunday Mass choir, Taize Prayer music group, and/or Beechtree Elderly Care Center music group. Her email is amo82@cornell.edu. 

+ Interest in Becoming Catholic or Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation?
Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith and/or possibly becoming Catholic? Are you Catholic but never received the Sacrament of Confirmation? Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu for more info about our Catholic Discernment program and Confirmation formation program. 
+ Welcome Back BBQ -- Aug 31st 
Save the date for our Welcome Back BBQ following the 10:30am Mass on August 31st in the Arts Quad. We'll be grilling burgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers and will have a wonderful assortment of sides. It'll also be a great time to meet other members of our community. To help with planning please e-mail Maisie at mao85@cornell.edu.
+ Nazareth Farm trip in January
We will be taking a group of students to Nazareth farms in January before the beginning of the spring semester for a week of service and simple living. For more info please email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu. 
+ Big Sib Lil Sib Program
All are invited to participate in our big sib lil sib program which helps to connect our first year students with a returning member of our community! This is a wonderful opportunity for returning students to welcome those coming onto campus for the first time and serve as a resource and/or friend during their transition to Cornell. To be either a big sib or lil sib email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu.
+ Interested in Service Opportunities and Programs?
Respond to our Faith's call to live out our faith by getting involved in service and justice opportunities on and around campus. To receive information related to our service opportunities such as loaves and fishes, habitat for humanity, hospital ministry, and much more email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu. 

Summer 2014 Mass Schedule: 

  • Sundays:  10:30am at Sage Chapel

For a comprehensive list of Sunday Mass times at nearby parishes please go to http://www.cornellcatholic.org/cocaco/index.cfm/sacraments-worship/sunday-mass-times-at-local-area-parishes/.  

Today's Readings — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website Daily Mass Readings provides the reading for the day and links to download podcasts via iTunes or other audio file formats.




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