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+ Mass Schedule over the Summer
Throughout the summer we'll be hosting a 10:30am Sunday Mass in Sage Chapel and a 5:15pm Wednesday Night Mass in the ATH Chapel.

+ "Joy of the Gospel" Faith Discussion group
Beginning June 10th following our 5:15pm Masses we'll be gathering to read Pope Francis' apostolic letter "the Joy of the Gospel." We'll be meeting in the Anabel Taylor Hall Courtyard around 5:55pm. Come for some thoughtful reflection and sharing. Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu for more information.

+ Liturgical Ministers wanted!
Are you interested in being trained as a liturgical minister this summer? Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu. We'll be hosting training sessions throughout the summer.

+ CYPRIAN League gathering Saturday, June 20th
St. Cyprian's League invites Catholic professionals in Ithaca and nearby parishes to get together this month of June to go strawberry picking at a local farm. New glass jars will be provided for members to can their fruits. Other ideas for activities are welcome. Meet at the Triphammer Road Tops parking lot near the Ithaca Mall on Saturday, June 13th, at 3 pm. Please contact Jolanda (jmpandin@yahoo.com) for further information.



For a comprehensive list of Sunday Mass times at nearby parishes please go to http://www.cornellcatholic.org/cocaco/index.cfm/sacraments-worship/sunday-mass-times-at-local-area-parishes/.  

Today's Readings — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website Daily Mass Readings provides the reading for the day and links to download podcasts via iTunes or other audio file formats.




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