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+ Spring Break Guatemala Informational Session
Join us this Spring Break and Holy Week as we have our 11th annual Guatemala Spring Break trip.  We’ll have an information session about our trip this Wednesday at 6:30pm in the One World Café.  If this time doesn’t work for you, email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu for more info. 

+ Taize Prayer this Wednesday
Come sing along to meditative chants while we sit in the quiet stillness of the ATH Chapel this Wednesday at 9pm.  Unplug from technology and studying, light a candle, feel at ease. Bring your friends to this ecumenical event. Email Anna at amo82@cornell.edu for more info.

+ Lunch Discussion with Sisters of St. Joseph this Sunday
This Sunday we will be visited by the Sisters of St. Joseph for a wonderful and meaningful lunch discussion entitled “Spirituality and Vocation.”  Come explore what it means for us to discern God’s call in our own life over pizza, drinks, and discussion.  Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu to rsvp. 

+ Spots Open for this Weekend’s Into the Streets Service Event
We have a few spots still open for our Saturday day of service on October 25th.  If you’d like to be a part of group email Gabby at gmg88@cornell.edu.  

+ Women’s Undergrad Bible Study now happening
Don’t forget that every Sunday at 7pm in G19 Anabel Taylor our Women’s undergrad bible study gathers to reflect on the upcoming Sunday’s Scriptures.  We also have our Co-Ed group which now meets at 8pm and our Women’s Grad group that meets on Thursdays at 7:30pm.  Email Joe for more info on any of these groups at jem479@cornell.edu

+ Support Kenyan Primary School after 10:30am Mass this Sunday
Following the 10:30am Mass a few students from the Cornell Catholic Community will be hosting a bake sale to raise money to help support the Frank Educational Centre, a community school located in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Contribute now and learn more about the organization at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-frank#home. For more information or to help with a bake sale following the 10:30am Mass on October 26th email Veronica at vmo5@cornell.edu.

+ Multicultural Rosary this Sunday
October is the month of the Holy Rosary, a traditional Catholic prayer meditating on the life of Jesus while repeating the Our Father and Hail Mary. To celebrate our universal faith and this universal prayer we will be saying a multicultural rosary, in which each decade will be said in a different language, on Sunday October 26th from 8:30-9:00pm at Anabel Taylor Hall.  All are welcome to come, if you are interested in leading a decade in a language please email mrm327@cornell.edu.

+ Got Confession?
Remember that you celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation from 4-5pm on Wednesdays or by emailing Fr. Carsten at cpm85@cornell.edu

 + Go Beyond this Winter!
Join us this winter break as we serve the people of Doddridge county in West Virginia and reflect our commitment to social justice and spirituality. We'll be heading to Nazareth Farms for a week from Jan 11th - 17th. Email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu for more info.

+ Next Monday’s Mass Time Changed
This upcoming Monday, Oct 27th we will be have our normal 12:20pm Mass at 10am in the ATH Chapel.  Email Joe at jem479@cornell.edu with any questions. 

+ Pumpkin Painting and All Saints Day Party Next Wednesday
We’ll be hosting an autumn night’s party next Wednesday at our dinner with pumpkin painting, candy and much more.  Remember Mass at 5:15pm in the ATH Chapel, with dinner beginning at 5:45pm in the One World Café. 

+ Cyprian League Gathering: Dinner and a Movie
St. Cyprian’s League invites young Catholic professionals in Ithaca and nearby parishes to gather together on Friday, November 7th. This time, we will cook a dinner together and watch a movie. The venue is 12 Locke Rd., Locke, NY 13092. Please contact Jolanda Pandin at (jmpandin@yahoo.com) or call Matt Connolly at 607-256-4209 if interested or for further information.


Fall 2014 Mass Schedule: 

  • Sundays:  10:30am and 9:30pm at Sage Chapel
  • Mondays: 12:20pm at ATH Chapel
  • Wednesdays: 5:15pm at ATH Chapel

For a comprehensive list of Sunday Mass times at nearby parishes please go to http://www.cornellcatholic.org/cocaco/index.cfm/sacraments-worship/sunday-mass-times-at-local-area-parishes/.  

Today's Readings — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website Daily Mass Readings provides the reading for the day and links to download podcasts via iTunes or other audio file formats.




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